NewSpaceVision Conference 2018

Ludwig Erhard Haus | Berlin

27. April 2018 10:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

Ludwig Erhard Haus | Fasanenstraße 85 | 10623 Berlin

Dr. Juliane Haupt


Luft- und Raumfahrt
T +49 30 46302-359

How space effects every industry.

The space industry is changing and offers opportunities for experts from a wide field of expertise!

With this conference we want to show, that space is much more than rocket science and people with a background in e.g. electrical engineering, medicine, IT, material science, law, pharma, biology are best suited to work in the most interesting industry!

Space data changes the way we cultivate land and grow crops, it changes the way we monitor the economy and how we travel and communicate. Science in an environment without the effects of gravity offers the opportunity for breakthroughs in the fields of pharma, medicine and material science.

AI on the ISS helps us to conduct these experiments more efficiently and blockchain technology could facilitate the way we trade insights from space. Space planes could ease the access to space and asteroid mining could make new advantages possible.

The topics which are covering:

• Moon Village
• Artificial Intelligence in Space
• Future Propulsion Technologies
• Human Spaceflight
• Space Hardware
• Space Law
• IoT
• Agriculture / Earth Observation
• Material/Pharma Science
• Blockchain in Earth Observation & Communication
• How to finance a space venture

The conference is co-organized by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology in association with BBAA (Berlin Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance) to support NewSpaceVision and the NSVC.